Oh dear Ocean… You will never stop to inspire me at Summer Time

Inspired by the gorgeous shape of seashells. I’m working on recycled mother-of-pearl. I collected it from fishing and seashell hobbyists during my summer time. They wanted to throw it on the rubbish away. When you are throwing it in the common rubbish away, it ends to be buried under the floor of waste collecting enterprises.

I collected it and started to think of a way to make people focus on the needed to recycle the seashells. So I let it dry and started to carve and color it, hoping to reveal the beauty of this precious Ocean’s gift.

Inspired by the sweetness of the sunrise. Pale colors and soft shape.

Durant l’été, je m’amuse parfois à récolter certains coquillages, destinés à être jetés à la poubelle. Il faut savoir que si vous jetez les coquilles vides dans les poubelles noires, elles finissent enfouies dans le sol dans des décharges.

J’ai donc commencé par les faire sécher, je les ai sculptés puis colorés. J’espère ainsi sensibiliser les gens aux nombreuses merveilles que l’Ocean nous donne à chaque instant.


Inspired by the white color of the mother-of-pearl. Purity and brightness.


Inspired by the beauty of the colors’ sunset. Dark and chic.


I hope people will start to care of the seashell’s destiny around the world. Cause caring of seashell is caring of the sand and sea…but more important…it’s caring of all of us !

je souhaite que les gens s’interessent au devenir des coquillages partout autour du monde. Prendre soin des coquillages, c’est prendre soin du sable qui en résulte… et bien au delà de cela… c’est prendre soin de nous tous.

Sea, you. A bientôt.

Oh Dear Ocean… I will never be tired to draw you…

I love to live and work near the sea cause i can enjoy the Ocean on so many ways… I would like to see every sea view of the World. Waiting for this time, i’m drawing the sea i’m living near. I travelled in the South France and Itlaia the last year and i fell in love with so many cities. Here, i want to share my traveling illsutrations with you…

Wishing you to enjoy them..

Sea you soon…

Oh Dear Ocean, when you are showing us your strength, we stare at you silently…

A painting always has a story behind… I wanted to share it with you here. More than a simple inspiration, it would rather be called a timeless admiration. Mine are the powerful show of the Waves…

I just ended this new oil painting named : « On the storm », 40F, 100cm x 81cm.

Yeah.. i’m looking so small near the canvas but it’s nothing when i compare myself to the wide Ocean…


I spent four months looking at the sea the last year. I stayed in the small beautiful harbor of Pornic, in Pays de la Loire. France.

I was fascinated by the move of the waves. By the dance of the elegant foam on the dying waves… I could have stayed all my life there, studying this water game and looking at the boat sailing bravely on the horizon line…

I left two days before the Carmen Storm. I was at home safely when I learned about the new storm. Like everyone here, I watched the News on channel.

I was amazed to see the sweet and peaceful Ocean i had left becoming so powerful and violent… How everything around was silently listening its shout… How all of us become so small and humble in font of its show… How much we are nothing more than a piece of Sand…

It remembered me these video and pics. Garrett McNamara and later Benjamin Sanchis surfing the biggest wave of the World at Nazaré, Portugal. 33 meter of water. 33 meter of power and strength. 33 meter of elegance and gracefulness.

At this time, benjamin Sanchis said : » Here, you are facing the Death ». Looking at this kind of natural event, all of us feel like being… a boat on the storm… fragile and letting go…


Keeping these feelings on my mind, I started to throw the color on the canvas, as the surfer is throwing himself on the wave…

On process…


Sea, you.


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Oh Dear sand… I would like to trust them !

Let’s remember it at first…

The sand is missing. Actually, it’s the 3th world resource the most used in our society. After the water and the air. More than 200 different ways to use it : In construction companies to create the glass…well, every one heard about this. The Sand is used to create the glass the most by them… let’s laugh together ha ha ha…

No… obviously no ! In glass industry, they use 70% of sand but… not only. What is the product the most use by them ? The concrete… yep. maybe you will be surprise to learn that concrete is made of 1/3 of cement and 2/3 of sand ! What the f… so concrete is not concrete ? No concrete concrete…so ! Yeah.. i m a naive one. I thought till now that concrete was made from cement only.

And what more?? sand is use to build our road too ? Okay okay ! Let me think two seconds so… when i’m watching a beautiful place like this one…


I’m only watching tonnes and tonnes of sand floating on the sea when it should be wandering under the sea !

For example : An hospital is 3.000 tonnes of sand. A highway is 30.000 tonnes of sand every kilometer. A nuclear center… damn, I don’t even want to tell you this… 12.000.000 tonnes of sand. Yeah, viva ecologia !

Well, obviously to build all of our building, they need to extract the sand. They killed the quarries of sand around the world. So they started to extract the sand from our beautiful rivers. When they extract river’s sand, we end like this :


The feet on the water. This year, the famous french Seine river have known his worst flood. From Paris to Le Havre. And more they steal the sand from river, less there is on the beaches. Cause rivers throws itself in the Ocean at the end. Yeah, sometimes the sand sails from a far far away places than we were thinking.


And when the rivers are too poor, they just go grabbing it on the Ocean. 400.000m3 on every extracting boat.

So we are proud when few companies try to do a good thing to help recycling and environments acting. Here we are. Pays de Retz. They had a great idea. We will recycle oysters and seashells, at least during Christmas time. Every family could throw their seashells in special recycled garbage away. The best ideaaaa !! I loved this idea so much. So I read more about this acting.

All empty seashells are collecting by the city and sending in this enterprise : « Bâti-recyclage » !! Yessssss… we are so happy when something like this happens, right? But… wait… to be used in agriculture field again ??? Why ?

Let’s read more… Bâti-recyclage enterprise belongs to G.B.H. Okay. The director of Bâti-recyclage is Thierry Biron. G.B.H. company belongs to  » Biron construction entreprise ».

So now… Let me ask a last question : Why does a construction enterprise use so well-done recycled sand to agriculture floor and not… to build his so sweetly Homes ?

Another marvelous idea : Did you hear before about this new concept ?


The Sand-machine, created by the Netherlands Brand « DB export ». When you throw your glass bottle on it, it extract the sand and give it back. the sand gives the glass who gives the sand again after 5 minutes on this machine. 5 bottles give 1kg of sand. I loved this ideaaaa so much again !! And yes… I read more. The little sweet fairy tales explain us that DB export was created by the old Morton who loved to create new amazing concept as Leonardo da vinci. Woowwww Amazing one ! We all need this machine every where on our beaches. So why is there not yet ?

Reply : cause it was not drawn to be exported somewhere else than in DB pockets. We are calling it : A great buzzzz marketing one ! They will not give their invention to help beaches. They are selling their recycled sand to construction enterprises ( which may use it on agriculture field too ) and then, they give us their brilliant invention to clear their name and their reputation of big polluter. They are so proud to use only glass to create their beer bottles. But right now, ecology is On, polluter glass maker are Out. So they used their genius idea to do this :

db-beer-bottle-sand-banner (1)

And they are proud of this too… !! Of course, the sand machine doesn’t circulate a lot in the country too. And the old Morton is probably drying his tears with a mountain of dollars. Viva ecologia !

It’s just two examples between so many others but if someone here can explain this non-sense to me, please, just do it !

I’m a positive one who want to trust that there is somewhere people who really want to save the earth and are acting to do it hardly, with all their mind and heart. But if we are things to marketing only, to increase our own money and business… all of this is vain.

I don’t want to give up on people. I don’t want to give up on us.

Cause caring about the earth is caring about people. it’s caring about all of us…

Sea, you.



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Oh Dear Sand…Why no one is saving you ?

I spent few months walking near the Ocean. Pays de la Loire. In France. So many Beautiful beaches here. And only one question on my mind : Where the sand is going on?

Replies : In your building & houses, in the floor, in the glasses, in the « curiosity’s room » of few collectors…. so it’s going everywhere except …in the sea.

13th September 2016…reporters and french Bretagne’ people were on their ways. They wanted to stop a new project of the government : 3500~5000 persons were there, standing together to stand against sand’s extraction in the Lannion Bay. A law, signed in 2010, authorized to extract the Sand during next 15 years. Every year more than 230.000m3 will be gone. To give you a better idea : It will look like a big Montparnasse Towel of Sand.


Our dear president and Environment minister were agreed to this…but WHY??

How someone can be agreed to damage this beautiful paradise… who will benefit of this? Only Businessmen and capitalist ones… as always !


And for what? To use this sand in agriculture field. Sand is used to feed chicken and help the floor to stay sane. No acid with it.. except on my mouth right now…

Only for this??? it sounds fishy, no? Hard to believe this when we know that building construction companies are the most powerful industries in the World. Few months ago, I read an article about illegal stealing of sand, directly on the Breton’ beaches. Does they need all this sand only to agriculture?? i don’t think…

Argues of these « agriculture » industries are : » we need sea’s sand cause of the percentage of seashells on it. » Fine. A good reply. So this is my question for them : Why they don’t want to use recycled seashells ? Why to not develop this Field here or help companies which try to develop it ? They are doing great work but need to find many others ways to use their recycled sand cause the biggest fields don’t accept them !

….Cause of cost of recycled sand? Better to steal it with the agreement of government, right?

The matter is not how to save the sand…the true matter is : Why our government let it gone so freely…


Sea, you…


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